What does bookkeeping mean?

bookkeeping meaning in General Dictionary

The art of recording pecuniary or company transactions in a frequent and organized way to be able to show their relation to both additionally the condition associated with the business where they occur the skill of keeping reports The publications widely used are a daybook cashbook journal and ledger See Daybook Cashbook Journal and Ledger

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  • the experience of recording company deals
  • The art of recording pecuniary or business transactions in a frequent and organized way, in order to show their particular reference to each other, additionally the state of the company by which they happen; the art of maintaining accounts. The books commonly used are a daybook, cashbook, journal, and ledger. See Daybook, Cashbook, Journal, and Ledger.

bookkeeping meaning in Law Dictionary

tracking monetary facets of transactions in bookkeeping books.

bookkeeping meaning in Business Dictionary

Systematic recording of monetary areas of company deals in appropriate books of account.

Sentence Examples with the word bookkeeping

Dean spent the balance of the afternoon doing bookkeeping for the lodging establishment.

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