What does book size mean?

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The size a book uses up whenever closed and lieing on its straight back. It really is calculated head to tail and from spine towards the sides of a cover. There's no standard with this. The United states Librar association has its own classifications that are folio, quarto, octavo, super

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measurements of a closed-book lying level on its face or back, measured from head to end and from spine to fore edges associated with cover. There's no standard approach to naming guide sizes, and there's minimum consistency in dimensions of a named-size. The book dimensions (in inches) as categorized by the United states Library relationship are: (1) Folio 12 x 19, (2) Quarto 9½ x 12, (3) Octavo 6 x 9, (a) Imperial octavo 8¼ x 11½, (b) Super octavo 7 x 11, (c) Royal octavo 6½ x 10, (d) Medium octavo 6? x 9¼, (e) Crown octavo 5? x 8, (4) Duodecimo 5 x 7?, (5) Duodecimo huge 5½ x 7½, (6) Sextodecimo 4 x 6¾, (7) Octodecimo 4 x 6½, (8) Trigesimo-segundo 3½ x 5½, (9) Quadrasegisimo-octavo 2½ x 4, (10) Sexagesimo-quarto 2 x 3.