What does book girl mean?

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a novel girl is a very smart woman, often appealing. They generally score higher than typical grades at school, consequently they are in continual competition with other people to be number one. They've no life targets except to-be in the Deans list, get an A in every class, and work at top tier organizations. Nearly all are crazy, because an “A-“is something to cry and bitch over, because it’s “failing”. The typical book woman doesn't always have many buddies, nor do they socialize really with others. They read all night everyday, without admitting it, and usually looked at as some one stupid by various other classmates because they are maybe not extraverts. Usually book women aren’t identified at that moment but instead when someone exclaims the way the “girl over here, got the actual only real A on the exam” an such like. Most guide girls question the reason why they can't or never discover a lot of men suited to them. Simply because of the high increased exposure of college and grades therefore a lack of outdoors hobbies. Many attractive guys give a novel woman the cold-shoulder due to their zero desire for having a social life beyond college. These types of girls are hated by typical guys also, because they lie about college and social activities (supposed cool things) they claim to be doing beyond school/work lots, which is incorrect. Many guide women try to be cool and claim they do not learn nor do they ever say how they do at school. However, they very nearly often have A's together with option to understand this is how they claim they performed poorly however they "smile". They've been hated a lot by everyone due to their "lies" about being average like others if they are perhaps not and just how they believe it is funny to laugh during the other people whom are misfortunate about grades. The typical book woman won't ever get married (and remains a virgin for a long period) or doesn't get hitched after all, in that case well until their belated 30's to mid 40's. It is because of there stuck up attitude, they're not found really appealing (even in the event they appear good), and require things to continually be perfect, hence trying to find the perfect guy, that truth doesn't occur. The best way to know when men are referring to a novel girl occurs when talking about among on their own concerning the women they satisfy, and ask if the girl is “normal”. In the event that woman is not considered “normal” chances are they tend to be a novel girl, and tend to be maybe not struck on no longer. If they are considered “cool” they tend to be down to earth rather than a novel woman.