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Your birthday celebration. On the 'boofday' it's customary getting boofed.Boof as a verb is usually thought as the act of pushing something within ass; medication, intimate toys, etc. nonetheless according to the Guad Squad meaning, boof can be utilized as a one term statement. If someone is gorgeous or handsome, you would say 'boof' to let that person know these are generally thought to be therefore because of the individual who informed all of them boof.Boof as an adjective is employed by the Guad Squad in the same way as 'fuck' is used. 'Boofed' would then be similar to 'fucked'On your Boofday, it is the time men and women 1) celebrate your birthday celebration 2) acknowledge just how boof you will be and 3) If all goes really, you might get boofed. When one celebrates the day of the boof.