What does boobnosis mean?

boobnosis meaning in Urban Dictionary

A form of visual "hypnosis" used to make people think, at first glance and hopefully much longer, that you are more desirable than you truly are through usage of:- no bra (for nipple accentuation and/or bounce)- push-up bras- cleavage revealing clothing/swimwear- formfitting clothing/exercise wear- breast implants.The goal should DIVERT ATTENTION from one's basic or unattractive face, or perhaps ugly body.(Women understand that men are typically linear thinking and visually oriented. Therefore, linear thinking + visually oriented + boobnosis = booblevision).This purposeful deception goes beyond just "accentuating the positives" of one's look. Fat and/or ugly girls wish to be "given a pass" by any man within 100 lawn radius of their boob flaunting.