What does boob flex mean?

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When a woman (usually with big tits) make all of them move at might. It could be exceptionally sexy, is normally done as an event trick (or even to you will need to seduce a guy) in a low-cut top, and hypnotizes all right guys.For some females, just the pec muscle tissue move while the breasts jiggle somewhat, but on many impressive boob flexers, the complete breast can raise up-and "wave" through the bottom. You can accomplish it one breast at the same time, both at precisely the same time, or alternating.ladies in the 18-30 generation can often be seen boob flexing to music to help keep the beat. Some can do the move extremely fast. Occasionally women get it done unconsciously.Boob flexing is more impressive than some guy flexing their pecs, specially when a female's tits are huge. Big, perky breasts really be seemingly more easily flexed plus in reality could may actually defy gravity despite evaluating a couple of pounds.It is a really preferred overall performance technique in the last decade, probably because a whole lot if females exercise with loads these days. Just how it experienced main-stream tradition is debatable nonetheless it appears it had been first seen on MTV in the Room Raiders" show during the early 2000s. It has additionally been seen around the period from the show "Blind Date". You will find loads of youtube videos.This move is usually performed along with booty twerking. Likely, the reality that so many females workout with loads in the future, features too much to do aided by the proven fact that increasingly more women can flex their particular tits at will.