What does boo mean?

boo meaning in General Dictionary

showing displeasure after an overall performance or message by making a prolonged noise of ldquoboordquo

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  • program displeasure, as after a performance or message
  • a cry or noise meant to show displeasure or contempt

boo meaning in Etymology Dictionary

phrase supposed to startle, very early 15c., boh, "a variety of consonant and vowel specially fitted to create a loud and startling sound" [OED, which compares Latin boare, Greek boaein "to cry aloud, roar, shout."]; as a manifestation of disapproval, 1801 (n.), 1816 (v.); thus, the verb indicating "shower some one with boos" (1893). Booing ended up being common late 19c. among London movie theater viewers and also at Uk governmental activities; In Italy, Parma opera-goers were notorious boo-birds, but the customized appears to have already been little-known in America till c.1910. To express boo "open your mouth, speak," originally would be to say boo to a goose. To be able to say Bo! to a goose is usually to be not exactly destitute of nerve, to possess an inkling of character, and was most likely firstly utilized of children. A little guy who comes across some geese out of the blue will see himself hissed at straight away, and a fantastic demonstration of defiance produced by them, however, if they can pluck up heart to cry 'bo!' loudly and advance upon them, they will retire defeated. The phrase 'bo' is actually chosen with regard to the explosiveness of their very first page and openness and loudness of its vowel. [Walter W. Skeat, "Cry Bo to a Goose, "records and inquiries," 4th series vi Sept. 10, 1870]

Sentence Examples with the word boo

The oldest records in Aramaic were found at Sindjirli, in the north of Syria, in 1890, and date to about Boo B.C. At this epoch the Aramaic. Aramaic alphabet, or at any rate the alphabet of these records, is but little different from that shown upon the Moabite stone.

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