What does bonnye mean?

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A bonnye is a woman who takes no prisoners. She will be a raging spitfire 1 minute, and a weeping softy the next. A bonnye is bossy, stubborn to a serious, lovable, and in regards to the most dedicated friend you can ever before have. A bonnye lacks patience, doesn't compromise, and isn't constantly the best listener. She actually is Southern toward core, and proud of it. She cooks, landscapes and really loves with all her might. A bonnye is renowned for the woman uncommon spontaneity, along with her candor and directness tend to be stuff of legend. She actually is all or nothing, hot or cold, off or on, asleep or working. She will disarm a person with the woman south appeal and everyone she satisfies is a buddy. She confounds her family often, nevertheless they wouldn't trade her for universe. She provides all, loves all, thinks best in all, and looks for the great throughout. She's a walking riddle, a living enigma, a persistent puzzlement. She actually is bonnye, what much more need I say?