What does bongo mean?

bongo meaning in General Dictionary

one of a pair of connected little drums each tuned to some other pitch played by striking aided by the fingers

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  • Either of two large antelopes Booumlcercus eurycercus of western Africa and Booumlcercus isaaci of East Africa of a reddish or chestnut-brown color with slim white stripes regarding human body Their skin is particularly esteemed as food
  • a little drum; played with the arms
  • large woodland antelope of central Africa having a reddish-brown layer with white stripes and spiral horns

bongo meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1920, from United states Spanish (West Indies, particularly Cuba), from a word of West African origin, like Lokele (Zaire) boungu.

bongo meaning in Sports Dictionary

a head damage resulting from an accident while performing regarding the skateboard. (recreation: Skateboarding)

bongo - German to English

bongo [Tragelaphus euryceros, syn.: Taurotragus euryceros]

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  • bongo (drum)

Sentence Examples with the word bongo

The large and brightly coloured bongo (Boocercus euryceros) of the equatorial forest-districts serves in some respects to connect the bushbucks with the elands, having horns in both sexes, and a tufted tail, but a brilliant orange coat with vertical white stripes.

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