What does bong chicka bong bong mean?

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Porn. This is actually the many classic and clean synonym for porn there has ever before already been since the 1960's. When you read BongChickaBongBong, there was only 1 thing that comes to most individuals head and that's porn. That said, Bong Chicka Bong Bong (aka- Bong Chika Bong Bong) normally another way of saying "intercourse" without really saying intercourse. Nancy Jiles, a commentator of CBS's "Sunday Moring" used BongChickaBongBong in her discourse on August 26, 2007. The woman use of the phrase was appropriate, clean and contextual. BongChickaBongBong is also the verbal option to imitate the stereotypical porn songs used in the industry. BongChickaBongBong is a great internet site if some one wished to develop it.