What does bond paper mean?

bond paper meaning in Law Dictionary

paper which is used for writing, typing, printing, and copying. It's employed for office stationary too. It really is purchased by weight. It is created from 20-100% cotton. It had been used for certificates initially.

bond paper meaning in Business Dictionary

Durable, powerful, and opaque paper utilized for writing, typing, printing, and photocopying, its perfect for office stationery by being free of fuzz and having good finish. Available in basis fat from 13 weight to 24 weight (in 17 x 22 inch sheets) its made out of 20 percent to 100 percent cotton rag, and had been initially used mostly for bond and share certificates. A ream of 500 sheets of 20-pound bond report weighs about five pounds.

bond paper meaning in General Dictionary

an exceptional of strong durable white writing paper; originally designed for printing documents