What does bond indenture mean?

bond indenture meaning in Law Dictionary

contract between relationship issuer and buyer that states the regards to purchse. The interest consumed, dates to pay, readiness date, as well as other terms are on the contract. Should this be maybe not satisfied than charges tend to be incurred. AKA bond resolution. Relate to deed of trust.

bond indenture meaning in Business Dictionary

Blanket, unconditional contract amongst the relationship issuer as well as the relationship buyer (bondholder) that specifies the terms of the bond. It states the interest price (known as coupon rate), the dates when the interest are paid, maturity date(s), alongside stipulations associated with bond problem. Failure to meet up with the repayment needs calls for drastic penalties including liquidation of this issuer's possessions. Also known as bond resolution or relationship agreement. See in addition deed of trust.