What does bonbon mean?

bonbon meaning in General Dictionary

Sugar confectionery a sugarplum hence any dainty

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  • a candy that usually has actually a center of fondant or fruit or nuts coated in chocolate
  • glucose confectionery; a sugarplum; hence, any dainty.

bonbon meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1796, from French bonbon (17c.), childish reduplication of bon "good." Hence, bonbonniere (1818) "a box for sweets."

bonbon meaning in Cooking Dictionary

a sweet made of or dipped into fondant.

bonbon - German to English


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  • bonbon
  • candy [Am.]
  • comfit
  • goody [sweet / candy]
  • lolly [Aus.] [NZ] [sweet, candy]
  • sugar-plum
  • sweetmeat [archaic] [sweet / candy]
  • treat [fig.] [usually candy, available in Halloween]
  • lozenge
  • cachou

bonbon - French to English

sweet [Br.]

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  • acid fall
  • candy [Am.]

bonbon meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Sugar confectionery; a sugarplum; thus, any dainty.