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The name typically refers particularly to your working-class people just who inhabit an area called Springs (positioned in East Hampton, NY), Many of the original Bonac families in Springs had been one of the extremely early settlers of this town, having come from England, perhaps Kent or Dorchester, Dorset, inside 1600s and 1700s.The family members names linked for years because of the term "Bonacker" include Miller, King, Bennett, and Lester.For some three hundred many years, Bonackers made their particular lifestyle as baymen, fishermen, and farmers. Clams and clamming -- both hardshell and softshell -- were at the heart of Bonac culture and cuisine. Bonac specialties consist of clam pie, clam fritters, oysters, clam chowder (typically, never fashioned with milk, however with tomatoes), bluefish, porgies, blowfish, eel, and blue crabs