What does bona fide mean?

bona fide meaning in General Dictionary

In or with good-faith without fraud or deceit genuine or truly actual or really genuine or genuinely as you must proceed bona-fide a bona fide buyer or transaction

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  • undertaken in good-faith
  • not counterfeit or copied
  • In or with good faith; without fraud or deceit; genuine or truly; actual or really; genuine or genuinely; as, you must proceed real; a genuine purchaser or exchange.

bona fide meaning in Legal Dictionary

adj. Latin for "good-faith," it indicates sincerity, the "real thing" and, when it comes to an event saying title as real buyer or holder, this implies innocence or lack of understanding of any fact that would cast doubt regarding directly to hold title.

bona fide meaning in Finance Dictionary

a phrase meaning 'in good faith'. For instance you stepping into an insurance contract is needed to divulge all relevant information in good faith. Failure to do this could cause a breach associated with contract, which makes it void.

bona fide meaning in Law Dictionary

In or with good faith; seriously, freely, and sincerely; without deceit or fraud. Really; in fact; without simulation or pretense. Innocently; when you look at the attitude of trust and self-confidence; without warning of fraudulence, etc. The phrase “bona fide” is frequently used ambiguously ; therefore, the phrase “a bona fide owner for worth” may both suggest a holder for real worth, in place of a holder for pretended value, or it would likely suggest a holder the real deal worth without warning of any fraud, etc. Byles, Bills, 121.

bona fide meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1540s, Latin, virtually "in good-faith," ablative of bona fides "good faith" (identify belief). Originally used as an adverb, later on (18c.) additionally as an adjective. The exact opposite is mala fide.

bona fide - German to English


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  • good-faith

bona fide meaning in General Dictionary

In or with good-faith; without fraud or deceit; real or truly; real or really; real or genuinely; as, you need to proceed bona fide; a bona fide purchaser or deal.

Sentence Examples with the word bona fide

There is, however, a yet higher point to be reached in the upward ascent of the Neoplatonist from matter; and here the divergence of Plotinus from Platonic idealism is none the less striking, because it is a bona fide result of reverent reflection on Plato's teaching.

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