What does bombshell mean?

bombshell meaning in General Dictionary

A-bomb See Bomb n

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  • an entertainer who's a sensational impact
  • a shocking shock
  • an explosive bomb or artillery shell
  • A bomb. See Bomb, n.

bombshell meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1708, from bomb (n.) + shell (n.). The figurative feeling of "shattering or damaging thing or event" attested from 1860. In reference to a fairly lady (especially a blonde) its attested from 1942 ("Bombshell" as subject of a film starring blond U.S. actress Jean Harlow (1911-1937) is from 1933).

Sentence Examples with the word bombshell

In October 1908 came the bombshell of the Austrian annexation of Bosnia, announced to King Victor Emmanuel and to other rulers by autograph letters from the emperor-king.

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