What does bombazine mean?

bombazine meaning in General Dictionary

A twilled fabric for clothes which the warp is silk therefore the weft worsted Black bombazine has-been a great deal employed for mourning clothes

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  • a twilled fabric utilized for dresses; the warp is silk and also the weft is worsted
  • A twilled textile for clothes, that the warp is silk, and also the weft worsted. Ebony bombazine was a great deal used for mourning clothes.

bombazine meaning in Etymology Dictionary

(additionally bombasine, bambazine), 1550s, from French bombasin (14c.) "cotton cloth," from Medieval Latin bombacinium "silk texture," from Late Latin bombycinium, neuter of bombycinius "silken," from bombyx "silk, silkworm," from Greek bombyx. The post-classical transfer associated with the term from "silk" to "cotton fiber" may reflect the recognized "silk-like" nature associated with fabric, or a waning of knowledge of real silk into the European Dark Ages, but compare bombast.

bombazine meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) A twilled textile for outfits, which the warp is silk, in addition to weft worsted. Ebony bombazine happens to be much used for mourning clothes.

Sentence Examples with the word bombazine

Here comes another with a sou'-wester and a bombazine cloak.

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