What does bombastic mean?

bombastic meaning in General Dictionary

Characterized by bombast high-sounding inflated

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  • ostentatiously lofty any way you like
  • Alt. of Bombastical

bombastic meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1704, "inflated," from bombast + -ic. Indicating "given to bombastic language" is from 1727.

bombastic meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Alt. of Bombastical

Sentence Examples with the word bombastic

His first literary work, except the bombastic but eloquent Essai sur le despotisme (Neufchatel, 1 775), was a translation of Robert Watson's Philip II., done in Holland with the help of Durival; his Considerations sur l'ordre de Cincinnatus (London, 1788) was based on a pamphlet by Aedanus Burke (1743-1802), of South Carolina, who opposed the aristocratic tendencies of the Society of the Cincinnati, and the notes to it were by Target;, his financial writings were suggested by the Genevese exile, Claviere.

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