What does bombast mean?

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To enlarge or complete to pad to inflate

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  • initially cotton fiber or cotton fiber wool
  • high-sounding inflated big without indicating magniloquent bombastic
  • pompous or pretentious talk or writing
  • Originally, cotton, or cotton fiber wool.
  • Cotton, or any soft, fibrous material, made use of as filling for garments; stuffing; cushioning.
  • Fig.: High-sounding terms; an inflated style; language over the dignity of the celebration; fustian.
  • High-sounding; filled; big without definition; magniloquent; bombastic.
  • To swell or fill out; to pad; to inflate.

bombast meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1560s, "cotton fiber padding," corrupted from early in the day bombace (1550s), from Old French bombace "cotton, cotton wadding," from Late Latin bombacem, accusative of bombax "cotton, 'linteorum aut aliae quaevis quisquiliae,' " a corruption and transferred usage of Latin bombyx "silk," from Greek bombyx "silk, silkworm" (which also found indicate "cotton" in Medieval Greek), from some oriental word, perhaps regarding Iranian pambak (modern-day panba) or Armenian bambok, perhaps ultimately from a PIE root meaning "to twist, wind." From stuffing and padding for garments or upholstery, indicating extended to "pompous, empty address" (1580s). In addition through the same resource tend to be Swedish bomull, Danish bomuld "cotton fiber," and, via Turkish types, Modern Greek mpampaki, Rumanian bumbac, Serbo-Croatian pamuk. German baumwolle "cotton" might be through the Latin term but changed by folk-etymology to check like "tree wool." Polish bawełna, Lithuanian bovelna are partial translations from German.

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bombast meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) Originally, cotton fiber, or cotton wool.

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  • (letter.) Cotton, or any soft, fibrous product, made use of as stuffing for garments; stuffing; cushioning.
  • (letter.) Fig.: High-sounding words; an inflated design; language above the dignity regarding the occasion; fustian.
  • (a.) High-sounding; inflated; huge without definition; magniloquent; bombastic.
  • (v. t.) To swell or submit; to pad; to inflate.

Sentence Examples with the word bombast

The matter is well arranged, the style (modelled on that of Xenophon) simple, and on the whole free from the usual florid bombast of the Byzantine writers.

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