What does bomb mean?

bomb meaning in General Dictionary

To sound to boom in order to make a humming or humming noise

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  • To bombard
  • don't get a passing quality
  • a conference that fails terribly or perhaps is totally ineffectual
  • place bombs at or attack with bombs
  • strong sealed vessel for calculating temperature of combustion
  • an explosive product fused to explode under particular circumstances
  • an excellent noise; a hollow noise.
  • A shell; esp. a spherical layer, like those fired from mortars. See Shell.
  • A bomb ketch.
  • To bombard.
  • To appear; to boom; in order to make a humming or buzzing sound.

bomb meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1580s, from French bombe, from Italian bomba, most likely from Latin bombus "a deep, hollow noise; a buzzing or booming sound," from Greek bombos "deep and hollow sound," echoic. Originally of mortar shells, etc.; modern feeling of "explosive device put by hand or dropped from airplane" is 1909. Meaning "old vehicle" is from 1953. Meaning "success" is from 1954 (late 1990s slang the bomb "best" is most likely a new formation); other sense of "a deep failing" is from 1963. The bomb "atomic bomb" is from 1945.

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  • 1680s, from bomb (n.). Indicating "to fail" attested from 1963. Related: Bombed; bombing. Slang bombed "drunk" is attested by 1956.

bomb meaning in Sports Dictionary

a lengthy pass completion. Often utilized both in the beginning of a-game, or when behind after a-game. (sport: American Football)

bomb meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A good sound; a hollow noise.

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  • (n.) A-bomb ketch.
  • (v. t.) To bombard.
  • (v. i.) To seem; to boom; to create a humming or humming sound.

Sentence Examples with the word bomb

Strikes are very common, seventy-three having occurred in such a year of comparative quiet as 1903; but the causes of disturbance are almost as often political as economic, and the annals of the city include a long list of revolutionary riots and bomb outrages.

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