What does bologna mean?

bologna meaning in General Dictionary

A city of Italy which includes provided its name to numerous objects

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  • the administrative centre of Emilia-Romagna; positioned in north Italy towards eastern for the Apennines
  • large smooth-textured smoked sausage of beef and veal and pork
  • A city of Italy that has provided its name to different objects.
  • A Bologna sausage.

bologna meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1850, variant of bologna sausage (1590s), called for town in Italy, whose name's from Latin Bononia, which often presents Gaulish bona "foundation, fortress," or Boii, title for the Gaulish people who occupied the region 4c. B.C.E. Also see baloney.

bologna meaning in Cooking Dictionary

also referred to as "baloney." This is a highly seasoned sausage beef which takes its name from Italian city of Bologna. Real Italian sausage is known as "mortadella."

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  • a big, experienced, prepared sausage made of chicken, beef and veal. Usually served cool in sandwiches. Also called baloney.

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bologna meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A city of Italy which includes offered its name to different things.

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  • (letter.) A sausage.

Sentence Examples with the word bologna

He commanded the fathers to disperse, and appointed Bologna as their meeting-place in eighteen months' time, his intention being to make the session of the council coincide with some conferences with representatives of the Greek church, which were to be held there with a view to union (18th December 1431).

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