What does bolmph uhrizer-XL-GT-9000 mean?

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A completely automated eletro-mechanical device used for quick, sterile and efficient masturbation. The Bolmph-o-tronic-bolmph-o-matic-bolmpherizer-XL-GT-3400; or B.three-fo as it is well known regarding the streets consist primarily of a polished titanium cylinder around 34 centimeters (14 inches) in length and 10 cm (4in) large. Built to slip over most person penises. At the end of this cylinder is a definite synthetic tube just like the sort film is available in. The next section of this invention is the seat which seems like a La-Z-Boy recliner with a metal garbage can attached to along side it, motorcylce-like helmet which pulled over your face, and a cup holder for the alcohol. When activated many small sized hydraulics, servos and actuators that therapeutic massage your penis in the same manner a vagina would. The heat and humidity inside cylinder can be managed. The helmet is pulled down across customer's head in which he is immersed in a 3D environment in which the mind scan reveals and produces his ultimate intimate fantasy. Whenever user ejaculates it really is captured in a little synthetic container which can be cryo saved for later or dumped into the "garbage can" in which it really is vaporized by a lazer this is certainly run on a pico matter/antimatter reactor.