What does bole mean?

bole meaning in General Dictionary

Any one of a few types of friable earthy clay often colored pretty much highly red by oxide of iron and used to color and adulterate numerous substances it had been formerly utilized in medication It is composed basically of hydrous silicates of alumina or more seldom of magnesia See Clay and Terra alba

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  • An aperture with a wooden shutter in wall of a residence for offering periodically environment or light also a tiny cabinet
  • A measure See Boll letter 2
  • The trunk area or stem of a tree or what is much like it
  • a soft oily clay used as a pigment (especially a reddish brown pigment)
  • the primary stem of a tree; often covered with bark; the bole is usually the part this is certainly commercially useful for lumber
  • a Chadic language spoken in northern Nigeria and closely linked to Hausa
  • The trunk or stem of a tree, or what is like it.
  • An aperture, with a wooden shutter, in the wall of a house, for giving, sometimes, air or light; also, a small closet.
  • A measure. See Boll, n., 2.
  • anyone of several kinds of friable natural clay, frequently colored pretty much strongly purple by oxide of metal, and accustomed color and adulterate numerous substances. It was formerly utilized in medication. It consists really of hydrous silicates of alumina, or maybe more hardly ever of magnesia. See Clay, and Terra alba.
  • A bolus; a dose.

bole meaning in Etymology Dictionary

early 14c., from Old Norse bolr "tree trunk area," from Proto-Germanic *bulas (cognates: center Dutch bolle "trunk area of a tree"), from PIE *bhel- (2) "to blow, inflate, swell" (cognates: Greek phyllon "leaf," phallos "inflamed penis;" Latin flos "flower," florere "to blossom, grow," folium "leaf;" Old Prussian balsinis "pillow;" Old Norse belgr "bag, bellows;" Old English bolla "pot, glass, bowl;" Old Irish bolgaim "I swell," blath "blossom, flower," bolach "pimple," bolg "bag;" Breton bolc'h "flax pod;" Serbian buljiti "to stare, be bug-eyed;" Serbo-Croatian blazina "pillow").

bole meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The trunk or stem of a tree, or whatever is like it.

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  • (letter.) An aperture, with a wooden shutter, within the wall surface of a property, for providing, sometimes, environment or light; additionally, a tiny closet.
  • (letter.) A bolus; a dose.

Sentence Examples with the word bole

Instead of calling on some scholar, I paid many a visit to particular trees, of kinds which are rare in this neighborhood, standing far away in the middle of some pasture, or in the depths of a wood or swamp, or on a hilltop; such as the black birch, of which we have some handsome specimens two feet in diameter; its cousin, the yellow birch, with its loose golden vest, perfumed like the first; the beech, which has so neat a bole and beautifully lichen-painted, perfect in all its details, of which, excepting scattered specimens, I know but one small grove of sizable trees left in the township, supposed by some to have been planted by the pigeons that were once baited with beechnuts near by; it is worth the while to see the silver grain sparkle when you split this wood; the bass; the hornbeam; the Celtis occidentalis, or false elm, of which we have but one well-grown; some taller mast of a pine, a shingle tree, or a more perfect hemlock than usual, standing like a pagoda in the midst of the woods; and many others I could mention.

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