What does bok choy mean?

bok choy meaning in Etymology Dictionary

sort of Chinese cabbage, from Cantonese, actually "white vegetable."

bok choy meaning in Cooking Dictionary

an associate of this cabbage family members that features broad, white crunchy stalks with tender, dark-green leaves. Popular in Chinese food.

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  • A vegetable resembling Swiss Chard in shape, but a great deal lighter in color and taste. Bok choy has actually a mild taste this is certainly great natural in salads. Additionally it is a cabbage for stir-fries; the stems turn virtually creamy after cooking. It can be found fresh in Oriental markets and a lot of supermarkets, all year. (also known as Chinese Chard)

bok choy meaning in General Dictionary

Asiatic plant grown for the cluster of delicious white stalks with dark green leaves

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  • elongated head of dark green leaves on thick white stalks