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A Bojon is, that is that through the great European immigration of belated nineteenth and early twentieth hundreds of years, the French would see Slovenians passing by to their method to America and state, "examine those good-looking Slavic dudes." In French, that might be beaux gens, which, in America, via Ellis Island, turned into Bojons. c. 1900. Probably combined and condensed from Bo-hemia + Hun-gary. Pre-owned as a pejorative. A rather stupid individual of Central/Eastern European Slavic lineage who works with their particular back instead of their mind. Fit just for handbook labor, the bojon nonetheless usually finds him/herself in governmental company, particularly in areas of greatly bojon dominated constituency in the USA, along with the backward, shithole regions of Europe in which they originate. The bojon is described as a rather brief interest period and being struggling to do jobs calling for much mental agility. Preferably fitted to repetitive tasks, providing it does not include anything extremely important.