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Bojocore is a style of politics denoted by excessive hyperbole and an avant-garde bouffant.Bojocore is a portmanteau of Boris Johnson hardcore, following when you look at the routes of previous words particularly hobocore and rapcore. Bojocore is derived from the excessive hyperbole, great similes and idiosyncratic hairstyle exhibited by Boris Johnson, the champion of 2008 London Mayoral election and current Mayor of London. Become bojocore, you have to have a political career, or be a politically energetic figure while as well displaying the qualities of Boris Johnson, particularly the hair.Bojocore is an evergrowing movement featuring its origins inside politically minded contributors regarding the European forums when it comes to well-known online game World of Warcraft. 1The bojocore action seeks to motivate young would be polticians to throw-off the staid picture of modern-day poltics and adopt a method both extravagant and lovable to aid combat the apathy inside electorate which impacts numerous modern-day politicians.