What does boiling point mean?

boiling point meaning in Law Dictionary

The temperature whenever a liquid becomes a gas. For liquid is is 100 levels celcuis. A solvent based fluid has a lowered boiling-point. Flammable fluids have a lower life expectancy nevertheless boiling-point and so are a hazard.

boiling point meaning in Business Dictionary

Temperature of which a liquid can become gas. For liquid or water-based liquids, this temperature is just about 100°C (212° F) but solvent-based fluids generally have actually lower boiling points (they need relatively less heat to make into vapor). Combustible fluids with boiling things much lower than that liquid are higher fire hazards, and need special safety measures in control, storage space, and transportation.

boiling point meaning in General Dictionary

the temperature of which a liquid boils at sea level

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  • being extremely angry or excited; ready to boil over

boiling point meaning in Chemistry Dictionary

The temperature where the vapor stress of a liquid is equal to the used stress; additionally the condensation point

Sentence Examples with the word boiling point

At a red heat rutile is produced, at the boiling point of zinc brookite, and of cadmium anatase.

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