What does boggle mean?

boggle meaning in General Dictionary

To embarrass with difficulties to create a bungle or botch of

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  • to quit or wait like unexpectedly frightened or in question or hampered by unforeseen troubles to take alarm to demonstrate hesitancy and indecision
  • startle with amazement or worry
  • hesitate whenever confronted with a problem, or whenever in doubt or worry
  • overcome with amazement
  • to prevent or wait as though all of a sudden frightened, or perhaps in doubt, or hampered by unforeseen troubles; to just take security; showing hesitancy and indecision.
  • to-do everything awkwardly or unskillfully.
  • to try out fast and free; to dissemble.
  • To embarrass with problems; to create a bungle or botch of.

boggle meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1590s, "in the first place fright (as a startled horse does), timid, just take security," from Middle English bugge "specter" (among other activities, designed to scare horses at night); see bug (letter.); in addition compare bogey (n.1). This is "to raise scruples, think twice" is from 1630s. As a noun from 1650s. Related: Boggled; boggling; boggler (from c.1600 as "one who hesitates").

boggle meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) To get rid of or hesitate as if unexpectedly frightened, or perhaps in question, or impeded by unexpected difficulties; to just take security; to demonstrate hesitancy and indecision.

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  • (n.) To-do anything awkwardly or unskillfully.
  • (letter.) To play fast and free; to dissemble.
  • (v. t.) To embarrass with difficulties; to make a bungle or botch of.

Sentence Examples with the word boggle

They will be able to self-assemble and can be made to do all kinds of things that boggle the mind.

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