What does boeing 767 mean?

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a lot like a 757, similar to a 777. Appears like both but is obese whenever next to a 757 and anorexic when compared to a 777. Will come in a baby -200, a pedestrian -300 and a way-too-large-for-its-engines -400. The 767 is quite dependable, and competitively efficient. It's out shined on numerous levels by the Airbus A330, which can be a snooty all-electronic penalty field flown by a joystick. The 767 is more engaging and appears better. The A330 may be the one the air companies choose. Why? as, hey, it really is European and looks like an angry Twinkie. The machines that power the seven-six are the same as those regarding seven-five. So that the 767 may be the chubby child in gymnasium course trying truly really hard on a diet comprising a donut for morning meal and a feeling-guilty salad for supper and that is it.