What does bodyguard mean?

bodyguard meaning in General Dictionary

A guard or set of protections to safeguard or protect the individual a lifeguard

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  • someone who escorts and safeguards a prominent person
  • a small grouping of males who escort and protect some crucial person
  • A guard to protect or protect anyone; a lifeguard.
  • Retinue; attendance; following.

bodyguard meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1735, "retinue, escort," collective singular, from human anatomy + shield (letter.). Attested 1861 as "a soldier for the bodyguard."

bodyguard - German to English


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  • minder [coll.]

bodyguard meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) A guard to guard or defend anyone; a lifeguard.

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  • (letter.) Retinue; attendance; following.

Sentence Examples with the word bodyguard

For his wars a larger force than his early bodyguard was required, and the Chronicler gives an account of the way in which an army of nearly 300,000 was raised and held by David's thirty heroes (i Chron.

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