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The imaginary buddy of Kurt Cobain, lead singer and guitar player for Nirvana. When Kurt had been a kid, he had been the prime suspect for torture of their neighbor's pet, but when asked about it he stated that Boddah made it happen. In addition, Kurt Cobain never ever composed a suicide note to Boddah, or any committing suicide note even. If you were to read engrossed, the committing suicide note had no mention of him killing himself or everything about suicide until the end, although end had yet another handwriting than Kurt's. Also, Courtney like ended up being found with handwriting samples of Kurt's and just what appeared as if training hand writing of hers that coordinated that the committing suicide note. Additionally, exactly how is someone with this much heroin inside their system supposed to be capable possess coordination to pull a shotgun trigger along with their base making use of their footwear on? MURDER! lead singer of nirvanas imaginary frined. he penned their committing suicide note to boddah