What does bobtail mean?

bobtail meaning in General Dictionary


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  • An animal as a horse or puppy with a brief tail
  • having a quick or shortened tail
  • a brief or shortened tail of certain creatures
  • big sheepdog with a profuse shaggy bluish-grey-and-white layer and short end; believed to trace to the Roman occupation of Britain
  • An animal (as a horse or dog) with a short end.
  • Bobtailed.

bobtail meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

The term useful for an animal with a brief end or whose end has-been docked.

bobtail meaning in Insurance Dictionary

A truck/tractor working without a trailer or semitrailer. Sometimes the term "bobtailing" is employed interchangeably using term "deadheading," whenever the truck or semitrailer continues to be attached but is not being used to carry cargo. See in addition Bobtail obligation; Deadheading.

bobtail - German to English

Old English sheepdog

bobtail meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) An animal (as a horse or dog) with a brief tail.

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  • (a.) Bobtailed.