What does bobsled mean?

bobsled meaning in General Dictionary

a quick sled mostly utilized as one of moobs connected by a get to or coupling also the substance sled so-formed

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  • previously two brief sleds combined together
  • trip a bobsled
  • an extended race sled (for just two or even more folks) with a steering system
  • Alt. of Bobsleigh

bobsled meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1839, from bob (n.2) + sled (n.). So-called since it is a quick type.

bobsled meaning in Sports Dictionary

groups of between two and four guys or two women compete on a specially built training course composed of a twisting downhill run-in a narrow channel of ice. They aim to complete the program because rapidly possible if you take ideal line in the banked bends and maximizing their speed in the straightaways. Bobsleds are constructed with metallic and composite material. The driver has the capacity to steer his bob by pulling on ropes which are linked to a front axle. The most fat for a two-man bob is 858lb for a two-woman bob 814lb and for a four-man bob 1386lb. (recreation: Bobsled)

bobsled meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) Alt. of Bobsleigh