What does boats v submarines mean?

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a-game generally played in the united kingdom for it's extreme banter and personal skillsThere tend to be 2 techniques to play this video game, solo or duo.Solo play;The player fills the bathtub to the brim with liquid and shits when you look at the bathtub and has now to choose whether it's going to be a boat or a submarine. If you vote when it comes to motorboat you might think that it'll be a floater, if you choose submarine it's going to explore the deep underwater mysteries of one's tub. If you guess improperly of whether it is probably sink or swim you must put when you look at the shower till stated boat/submarine disolves.Duo play;Two players both lay on the brim regarding the shower whilst the bathtub is fulled with water, both people drop their load in to the bath and determine be it going to be a boat or a submarine. If chosen wrongly the gamer that guessed wrongly puts on their diving equipment and gets ready to find out some treasures.