What does board of trustees mean?

board of trustees meaning in Law Dictionary

The board of a non profit business. The users are appointed setting plan and manage employees decisions on increased level. The board accounts for what they choose.

board of trustees meaning in Business Dictionary

Board of administrators of a non-profit business (NPO) such as for instance a charity, trust, or institution. People in the board tend to be appointed (maybe not chosen) setting the guidelines of the organization, and appoint (and fire) senior management employees. In doctrine of collective responsibility, the whole board is likely the financial also effects of this organization's tasks.

board of trustees meaning in General Dictionary

a governing board elected or appointed to direct the policies of an academic institution

Sentence Examples with the word board of trustees

In 1710, in accordance with an arrangement made between the two kingdoms, a board of trustees was appointed to whom a considerable sum was granted annually for the promotion of the linen manufacture; but the jealousy of English merchants interposed to check the industry whenever it threatened to assume proportions which might interfere with their own trade, and by an act of George II.

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