What does board meeting mean?

board meeting meaning in Law Dictionary

conference held at periods to talk about issues and policy. A chairperson is the manager associated with meeting and it is appointed. Minutes needs to be made from each conference. All people in the board tend to be to check out what exactly is determined.

board meeting meaning in Business Dictionary

Formal conference regarding the board of directors of a business, held frequently at definite intervals to consider plan dilemmas and major dilemmas. Presided over by a chairperson (president or chairwoman) of this business or his / her appointee, it must meet the quorum demands as well as its deliberations must be taped in moments. Under the doctrine of collective responsibility, all directors (whether or not absent) tend to be limited by its resolutions.

board meeting meaning in General Dictionary

a meeting for administrative functions

Sentence Examples with the word board meeting

Arthur's social friends pawed all over one another on one side of the room, while his lawyer pals held down the other side, acting as if it were a board meeting instead of a wake.

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