What does blurb mean?

blurb meaning in Law Dictionary

When a publisher has a summary written to reccomend a book. It is imprinted in the publications dust coat or perhaps in an ad.

blurb meaning in Etymology Dictionary

employed by U.S. scholar Brander Matthews (1852-1929) in 1906 in "United states personality;" popularized 1907 by U.S. humorist Frank Gelett Burgess (1866-1951). Originally mocking extortionate compliments imprinted on book jackets. Gelett Burgess, whose recent small guide, "have you been a Bromide?" is referred to above, then entertained the friends with characteristic flashes of Burgessian humor. Referring to your message "blurb" regarding wrapper of their guide he stated: "To 'blurb' is to make an audio like a publisher. The blurb had been devised by Frank A. Munsey when he blogged regarding the front of their mag in red-ink 'we think about this wide range of Munsey's the hottest cake that ever before arrived of my bakery.' ... A blurb is a check attracted on Fame, and it is seldom recognized.["] ["Publishers' Weekly," might 18, 1907]

blurb meaning in Business Dictionary

writer's summary and recommendation of a novel, printed often in the front flap associated with the guide's dust coat, or in an advertisement or catalog.

blurb meaning in General Dictionary

a promotional declaration (as located on the dirt coats of publications)