What does blur fu mean?

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A style of depicting fight scenes in films, originating roughly all over turn of 21st century. It has one or more regarding the after characteristics:1) deep scenery contrasted by incomplete lighting effects (often with a feel such as for example "rave" or "industrial", augmented by proper music)2) Increased video footage speed3) addition of Matrix-style bullet time4) Rampant action associated with the camera, both in regards to erratic activity along with regular modifications of chance completely, producing an intentionally jarring watching experienceBlur fu is generally included which will make a film look edgy, hardcore, or even to match various other similar flicks. Additionally, it is something to mask the fact the performers onscreen may possibly not be in a position to perform any real fight stunts really worth watching.Examples of blur fu is visible in films like Alien Vs Predator, Serenity, King Arthur, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and many other things.