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the vehicle that Joliet Jake and Elwood Blues cruise in at the time of Jakes launch of prison. It really is a 1974 Dodge Monaco with Police add-ons. It's got a V8 motor, rear-wheel drive, CAN come to an end of gas, has unique abilities as a result of an el-train generator positioned alongside Elwoods apartment. Unfortuitously, because of the excesive usage while running from the authorities, it found its manufacturer as soon as the Blues Brothers reached their destination. It really is today in a scrapyard someplace. 18 many years later it had been changed by a new Bluesmobile, a 1990 Ford Crown Victoria Police Cruiser which no body knows what happend to. It's also with the capacity of running out of gas and performing amazing stunts. The Bluesmobile could be the vehicle driven because of the Blues Brothers into the film of the same name. Originally a Cadillac, Elwood traded this for a microphone, and purchased a 1940s police vehicle from a police auction. He kept it in a transformer shed, which endowed it with unique powers, such as the capacity to flip more than Nazis, and also to never ever, ever before, ever run-out of gas.