What does blueprint mean?

blueprint meaning in General Dictionary

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  • make a blueprint of
  • something intended as a guide for making something else
  • photographic printing of plans or technical drawings etc.
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blueprint meaning in Law Dictionary

The drawing of a buildings framework inside building business. It really is made on blue report.

blueprint meaning in Etymology Dictionary

additionally blue-print, 1882, from blue (1) + print (n.). The procedure makes use of blue on white, or white on blue. Figurative sense of "detailed program" is attested from 1926. As a verb by 1939.

blueprint meaning in Business Dictionary

Reproduction of a technical design, particularly usually the one used in building industry. Its title is the older strategy of earning huge images (called Diazo procedure) where lines are shown in white on a blue history. Modern plotters can print multicolor outlines on a background of every color.