What does bluebird mean?

bluebird meaning in General Dictionary

A small song bird Sialia sialis frequent in the usa plus in the north among very first to reach in spring The male is blue utilizing the breast reddish it really is associated with the European robin

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  • blue us songbird
  • fruit-eating mainly brilliant blue songbird of East Indies
  • A small song-bird (Sialia sialis), frequent insideu000du000a Usa, and, in north, one of many earliest to-arrive inu000du000a springtime. The male is blue, using breast reddish. It really is linked to theu000du000a European robin.

bluebird meaning in Etymology Dictionary

also blue-bird, North American warbler-like bird, 1680s, from blue (1) in mention of the its plumage + bird (n.1). Figurative use within bluebird of happiness is from 1909 play romance "l'Oiseau bleu," virtually "The Blue Bird," by Belgian dramatist and poet Maurice Maeterlinck (1862-1949).

bluebird meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) A small song-bird (Sialia sialis), common in america, and, into the north, one of many very first to reach in springtime. The male is blue, with the breast reddish. It is about the European robin.

Sentence Examples with the word bluebird

Blackbirds and thrushes are not found, nor any species of parrot, but on the other hand, we have the hoopoe (yatsugashira), the red-breast (komadori), the bluebird (run), the wren (miso-sazai), the golden-crested wren (itadaki), the golden-eagle (inu-washi), the finch (hiwa), the longtailed rosefinch (benimashiko), the ouzelbrown (akahara), dusky (tsugumi) and water (kawa-garasu)the kingfisher (kawasems), the crake (kuina) and the tomtit (kara).

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