What does blue spider mean?

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A blue spider is strategy all of the experienced people play on the noobs online inside xbox online game Halo. The experienced player (usually a jerk) asks some one they feel is a new comer to Halo should they wanna see a blue spider. This question is generally expected inside context "hey you wanna see a blue spider?" The inexperienced player reluctantly agress having no clue what a blue spider is and what's going to occur. Then experienced player proceeds to throw a plasma grenade on face of other player. These grenades tend to be blue and follow organic things, for this reason title blue spider. The grenade explodes shortly after it's been tossed. This leads to a gratifying kill for the a person who tossed it, and a humiliating beat for one killed. Anybody who fall for the blue spider strategy on the net is straight away defined as a noob.