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Blue Ray: also referred to as Blue Rape is a company that produces hd DVD's.They cost an unheard of amount of money for "better picture" that will ben't that far better from standard DVD's of today.They get you get asking (typically) 30-35 dollars a dvd. Then chances are you need certainly to purchase an HD DVD player. Then when it comes to complete result you need to buy an HD television. All this work so some asshole can believe he could be witnessing a significantly better image that isn't really that great. It's a never closing group of rape. In certain digital shops, once you buy Blue Ray, they help save you the wait of a car or truck travel and simply stick a dildo within butt right there at the register.Blue Ray is also the single-handed downfall to Sony plus the PS3. Your message a vintage guy makes use of to refer on very different wireless system protocol Bluetooth. When this happens is is not wise to show any indication of enjoyment or even the old man are certain to get progressively crazy, perhaps causing his heart to give on. This is preceded by a noticeable twitch of their mustache. a disc this is certainly blue and keeps an enourmous number of content the movie and unique fetures. Also is Tall Defintion.