What does blue laws mean?

blue laws meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. condition or neighborhood lawful rulings which prohibit specific tasks, especially entertainment, activities or ingesting on Sunday, to honor the Christian Sabbath. These were employed in the newest The united kingdomt colonies controlled by the puritans which kept the Sabbath sacred. "Blue" had been slang for puritanical. Generally blue laws and regulations have been repealed, but vestiges continue to be at the least informally.

blue laws meaning in Law Dictionary

supposititious rule of serious regulations when it comes to regulation of religious and private conduct within the colonies of Connecticut and New Haven; hence any rigid Sunday regulations or spiritual regulations. The assertion by some writers regarding the presence regarding the blue laws and regulations has no other foundation than the adoption, by the first authorities associated with the brand new Haven colony, associated with Scriptures because their rule of law and government, and their rigid application of Mosaic principles. Century Diet

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1781, severe Puritanical rule said to being enacted 18c. in brand new Haven, Connecticut; of uncertain source, maybe from 1 regarding the surface sensory faculties behind blues, or from thought of coldness. Or maybe linked to bluestocking into the sense of "puritanically simple or mean" (see bluestocking, which will be a different application of the same term; the parliament of 1653 had been derisively called the bluestocking parliament). The typical explanation that they were written on blue paper is certainly not considered legitimate; pale-blue paper ended up being used for many old U.S. appropriate papers and there would-have-been absolutely nothing significant about its use within this instance.

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rules restricting the transaction of business on Sundays and/or specific spiritual holiday breaks.