What does blue collar mean?

blue collar meaning in General Dictionary

of or designating work or workers in industry perhaps not needing well groomed look

blue collar meaning in Law Dictionary

n employee would you real work in a factory or workshop. Caused by the work is a tangible item. Relate to white-collar.

blue collar meaning in Etymology Dictionary

in addition blue-collar, 1949, from blue (1) + collar (n.). Through the common color of men's work tops.

blue collar meaning in Business Dictionary

relates to employees whoever work requires (largely or completely) actual work, like in a factory or workshop. For an item of strive to be termed blue-collar, it must be straight regarding the production created by the firm, and its particular final result should always be identifiable or tangible. Historically, when you look at the western, manual employees wore blue top collars but clerical workers wore white. See additionally white collar.

Sentence Examples with the word blue collar

If you love me, you'll send me the blu-ray versions of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour.

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