What does blucher mean?

blucher meaning in General Dictionary

some sort of half boot or high shoe with laces on the tongue called through the Prussian basic Bluumlcher

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  • Prussian general that is remembered for their management inside conflicts against Napoleon (1742-1819)
  • a high footwear with laces within the tongue
  • a type of half-boot, named through the Prussian general Blucher.

blucher meaning in Fashion Dictionary

a form of oxford (shoe that closes) when the tongue and vamp (the front an element of the footwear) are cut in one.

blucher meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A kind of half-boot, named from Prussian basic Blucher.

Sentence Examples with the word blucher

Even then the day might have been saved had Blucher been able to find even twenty squadrons accustomed to gallop together, but the Prussian cavalry had been dispersed amongst the infantry commands, and at the critical moment it proved impossible for them to deliver a united and decisive attack.

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