What does blowfish mean?

blowfish meaning in General Dictionary

a fish eaten as a delicacy particularly in Japan it really is highly dangerous because of a potent nerve poison tetrodotoxin with its ovaries and liver cooks require unique training to understand simple tips to get rid of the toxic components plus Japan they need to be licensed

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  • delicacy that is extremely dangerous as a result of a potent neurological poison in ovaries and liver
  • any of many marine fishes whoever elongated spiny human body can inflate itself with liquid or environment to form a globe; a number of species contain a potent neurological poison; closely linked to spiny puffers

blowfish meaning in Etymology Dictionary

in addition blow-fish, 1862, United states English, from blow (v.1) + fish (n.). He then described another strange product of the bay, which was known as the blow-fish, along with the power of inflating himself with environment whenever taken out of the water. ["The younger Nimrods in united states," nyc, 1881]