What does blow up mean?

blow up meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"explode," 1590s, from blow (v.1) + up (adv.). As a noun, it is recorded from 1809 within the feeling "outburst, quarrel." Indicating "enlargement from a photograph" is attested by 1945. Old English had an adjective upablawan "upblown," used of a volcano, etc.

blow up meaning in Sports Dictionary

to-be overcome with exhaustion on a tiring leg of a race. (sport: Cycling)

blow up meaning in General Dictionary

get extremely mad and travel into a trend

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  • add details to
  • cause to-burst with a violent release of energy
  • rush and release power as through a violent chemical or real effect
  • exaggerate or make larger
  • fill with gasoline or air
  • to swell or cause to enlarge
  • make large

Sentence Examples with the word blow up

This time, don't blow up one of my antiques.

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