What does blotter mean?

blotter meaning in General Dictionary

person who or that which blots esp a tool for taking in superfluous ink

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  • absorbent report familiar with dried out ink
  • the everyday written record of events (as arrests) in a police section
  • a person who, or whatever, blots; esp. a computer device for taking in superfluous ink.
  • A wastebook, by which entries of transactions are made as they happen.

blotter meaning in Law Dictionary

deal record that covers a specific time period in an organization. Or a paper that prevents ink from bleeding between copies.

blotter meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1590s, "thing for drying out damp spots," representative noun from blot (v.). Indicating "bad blogger" is from c.1600. Sense of "day book" is from 1670s, therefore the word ended up being used early 19c. to harsh drafts, scrap books, notebooks, and draft account publications. Thus the police jargon sense "arrest record sheet," recorded from 1887.

blotter meaning in Business Dictionary

accurate documentation of transactions addressing a certain time frame for a financial institution. The blotter can show particular information about the exchange, including price, some time volume, as well as the style of transaction (purchase, sell, etc.). A “blotter” is a kind of report accustomed absorb excess ink from a fountain pen, and identifies a period period in which transactions were all recorded yourself.

blotter meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Person who, or that which, blots; esp. a tool for taking in superfluous ink.

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  • (n.) A wastebook, where entries of deals are available while they occur.

Sentence Examples with the word blotter

The Blotter fur literarische Unterhaltung sprang out of the Literarisches Wochenblatt (1818), founded by Kotzebue; after 1865 it was edited by R.

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