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In belated winter, 2008, hip-hop singer Rick Ross circulated their questionable and highly-provocative "The employer" music movie featuring Fat Joe. This movie plus the accompanying songs was an inspiration to at least one Michael Borzatti, of Bel Air, MD. While experiencing the outcomes of copious degrees of person beverages one sultry summertime night, Mr. Borzatti proclaimed, after having recently stumbled through an attempt to clear a couch and landing in a pile of aquatic gear, "I'm the BLOSS!" Their intoxication having clearly impacted the desired exclamation, "I'm the EMPLOYER," "the bloss" after that metamorphosed, utilizing the support for the cunning humorist Zachary "Dunns" Dunaway. "Blossin'" features since assumed its rightful place in metropolitan vernacular once the term that describes the utmost problem of "boss"-ness; the pinnacle of coolness; the master of chill. Variants feature: "blicka blau BLOSSIN'!" "hemaglobin BLOSSIN'" "Cliffhuxtable BLOSSIN'" and "lickity splickity do flickily BLOSSIN'."